The 21st century students are tech prodigies, for they are prompt, updated and just a click away from the world of information. At DPS International, Gurgaon, we use technology as a means, not the mission, for harnessing innovation and creativity to improve educational outcomes for all learners.

We use technology to facilitate and expand learning possibilities that serve as a means to investigate ideas, communicate findings, connect people and innovate solutions.

A dynamic, tech-oriented environment is our top priority to foster literacy, competency and confidence amongst our learners. The skills to live, learn, and work in a society, where communication and access to information is increasingly through internet platforms, social media and mobile devices, has made digital literacy imperative for students at DPSI. Searching, sifting, evaluating, applying and producing vast amount of information requires a strong technology backbone to keep systems functioning at optimal levels within the school.

Blended learning as an educational approach is not new to our culture. We support a Hybrid model of teaching and learning, we have all the technological support we need to sustain these ever-changing requirements.

A technology driven campus

A Wi-Fi enabled campus and availability of digital learning tools in each learning space, tablets for individualised learning accompanied with an online knowledge bank, transforms the entire campus into a vibrant knowledge hub. Teachers, students and parents interact on closely monitored online platforms. Sharing information, working on projects, initiating discussions, voicing their opinions, storing projects and individual work on our main frame servers are all part of technology learning and support sphere at DPS International. A virtual online library supplements the vast onsite collection of resources posted on the website. Showcase of student work and action are ‘live’ for the world communities to see irrespective of differences in time zone.

The robust School Management Software forms the backbone of all administrative and academic processes at school. It enables hassle-free transactions for students, teachers and parents providing them quick paper free means of communication and pay-outs. A technology backed safe and secure learning environment for our learners is priority on campus. Centralised CCTV Surveillance Cameras and smart building control mechanisms ensure that technology is coded into the DNA of DPS International.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

DPSI has a BYOD policy for teachers and secondary students in the belief that this is suitable way for the school to provide teachers and students opportunities to extend and enrich learning by-

  • Shifting instruction towards more engaging, autonomous, student-centered learning where inquiry and authentic learning are emphasized. (Skill Based)
  • Focusing on 21st Century Learning, including critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, self-direction, and global and cultural awareness.
  • Using online learning tools and digital content

Digital Citizenship

We to teach students the rules of the digital world and prepare them to be safe and responsible digital citizens. The focus is on preparing students to work, live and share in digital environments in a positive way.

We integrate the elements of digital citizenship in the curriculum. Access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights & responsibilities, health & wellness, as well as security issues are all integrated in the ICT curriculum and in the curriculums of other disciplines via the ICT department.