Admission Information

Admissions are open for the academic session 2024-2025 and limited seats for 2023-2024. Parents are most welcome to visit the school by scheduling a school tour through this link Schedule A School Tour for inquiries regarding admissions. DPSI welcomes all parents on the campus to understand about the IB curriculum and to get ready to enter a world of global education.

DPS International has rolling admissions throughout the year (subject to availability of seats). This is to facilitate easy accommodation of transfer students from other international schools from within the country and from across the globe.

DPS International, Gurgaon

HS-01, Block W, South City II, Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon,
Haryana- 122001

For Admissions Contact


Contact Number:
+91 8377000164
+91 8377000165

Head of Operations & Administration

Contact Number:
+919 643807550


To initiate the admission process please follow the following steps:-

Pay the non-refundable registration fee*, fill in the Admission Booklet, and submit the following documents.

  • Copies of the past scholastic record of at least 2 years previous to this application (if applicable)
  • 7 recent colored passport size photographs of the student with the name written behind each photograph
  • 2 recent colored passport size photographs of each parent with the name & relationship written behind each photograph
  • Copy of valid passport of the student and anyone parent
  • Copy of birth certificate of the student
  • Copy of residence proof of the parent
  • Copy of Immunisation Card
  • Copy of Aadhaar card (parents and student)
  • Original transfer certificate from the previous school once the admission is confirmed.
  • Copy of FRRO registration (in case the student carries a non-Indian passport)

Once the above documents are submitted, the child and the parents will be invited for a meeting with the Head of Admissions, Principal, and Head of School. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know the child better, understand his/her strengths and what makes him/her unique.

Not sharing the correct information will not be in the best interest of the child or the school (concealing information, academic/emotional/behavioral or any other may lead to cancellation of admission).

In case of any queries about the admission process, please contact the Admissions Office at +91 8377000164 / 65

Primary School: Grades Pre-Nursery to Grade 5

Admissions to Primary school are based on personal interaction with the admission team, the Primary School Principal and the Head of School. No formal written assessments are taken for admission to Primary school.

Secondary School:

Students seeking admission in Grades 6/7/8/9 (MYP 1/2/3/4):

All students seeking admission to DPSI will take placement assessments in Mathematics and English followed by an interaction with the Secondary School Principal who notes her / his anecdotal comments on the admission sheet. They also meet with the Head of School for the final interaction and decision on admission.

The learners select their preferred additional language (language acquisition) followed by a benchmarking assessment to place them at various phases. The students seeking admission in MYP 2 and 3 (Grade 6 and 7) are expected to have studied the selected language for at least one year in their previous school and for students seeking admission in MYP 3 and 4 (Grade 8 and 9) the selected language should have been studied for at least two years in their previous school.


The parents should sign an undertaking that they will support their ward with additional help in the selected language to bring the level of the child to the average class/grade standard.

Students seeking admission in Grades 11 and 12 (IB DP 1 – IB DP 2):

Admission will be a three-tier process

  1. Last two years result along with a Character Certificate from the previous school
  2. Placement assessment in Math, English and a Psychometric Test.
  3. There will be an interaction for shortlisted students along with their parents with Secondary School Principal/DP coordinator/Career Counsellor
  4. Overseas students will have the assessment done by special arrangement. A telephonic /Skype or telephonic interaction will be conducted for shortlisted applicants after the written assessment.

The students should demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements of the IB Diploma.

Language acquisition and subject levels will be decided based on specific assessments which will be administered as per the student’s declared level of proficiency(HL, SL, ab initio/studies ).

In Grade 12( DP 2) only transferring IB Diploma Students are admitted.


The Immersion Programme is a 6 to 8 week program offered at DPS International from April to May every year. The objective of this program is to help the students get a feel of school life at DPS International and ease their entry into a new school environment. This is a specially designed program for students transferring from educational systems other than the International Baccalaureate(IB). The teachers assist the new students in acquiring academic and social skills and individual attention is also provided to close any identified academic gaps these students may have. The students also get an opportunity to make friends and bond with their classmates well before the new academic year begins in August/July.

We offer a limited number of seats for the Immersion Programme on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

DPS International is an inclusive school and offers SEN support. The seats in the SEN department are limited and admissions are subject to availability of seats and resources.

You may visit the school or call +91 8377000164 / 65 for more details.