Pastoral care

Behavioral counselling and Pastoral care

DPSI is committed to the holistic development of each student. We, at DPSI lay a lot of emphasis on the socio-emotional and wellness aspect of a student’s life and recognise the vital role that pastoral care plays in this. Having a diverse range of students from different countries and regions, we seek to support them as they face the challenges including relocation from their home contexts, language acquisition, a rigorous academic program, and much more.

DPSI has an on-site team of staff who support the student’s well-being. These roles include but are not limited to: Head of Pastoral Care, School counsellors and learning support teachers, house-teachers, student advisors, peer support networks, health and medical specialists, psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as experts on food and nutrition.

We believe that if a student is happy, safe and secure on our campus, then we are paving the way to their success in our classrooms and communities. Socio-emotional learning is weaved intricately within all classroom and extracurricular activities. In this effort, students are encouraged to take the time to reflect on their role within their school community and are engaged meaningfully in wellness activities and assemblies. This includes actively thinking about how they interact with others and taking responsibility to build a respectful, happy community.

We have a well formulated Child Protection and Safeguarding policy as well as task teams like the Discipline committee and Internal complaints committee ensure smooth implementation of pastoral care and student welfare practices. We promote student agency through an extensive student senate and student ambassador programme, which gives the students ample opportunity to hone their leadership skills. Differentiation in teaching methodology is practiced suiting diverse learning needs by offering academic assistance, learning support and ongoing behavioural counselling.

The pastoral care and behavioural counselling department consists of a team of psychologists who bring in rich experience related to child development and socio-emotional learning and help to make DPSI a second home for all students.

Counsellor Name Position E-mail ID
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma Head- Pastoral Care
Ms. Roma Gill Head of School Welfare and Wellness
Ms. Rachna Saxena Secondary School Counsellor
Ms. Vanshika Sahni Secondary School Counsellor
Ms. Tanvi Chandhoke Secondary School Counsellor
Ms. Satnam Kaur Counsellor- Learning Support
Ms. Gunjan Tomar Counsellor- Learning Support and Key Activity Coordinator
Ms. Parul Chaudhary Primary School Counsellor
Ms. Shalini Sharma Primary School Counsellor
Ms. Mansi Kapoor Lead- Primary Wellbeing