DPS International School Gurgaon

A positive work environment with passionate and creative people is the key to success for any work place. At DPSI there is something new to learn everyday thereby  helping me in my personal and professional development. My workplace has diverse, open-minded and supportive management, staff and hence students receive the best from happy faculty members making my journey at DPSI memorable and every evolving. DPSI has taught me that we are life long learners and collaboration is the key to innovation and problem solving as team work pays dividend. Warm hugs from students, a pat on the back from colleagues and words of praise from my leadership team makes its worthwhile every single day.

Yaavi Khanna, Early years Representative

DPS International School Gurgaon

I joined DPSI 5 years ago. My hard work and working potential have always been noticed and appreciated. What makes my place of work attractive is its open-door policy. My well-being as a teacher and as a human being is always important to the leadership. My concerns have been heard and necessary attempts have been made to make me feel comfortable. Teaching during the pandemic has not gotten easier but probably got better because the school handled the situation well. Colleagues are there for each other making this place a healthy work environment.

Ambika Bansal, Form Tutor Grade 5

DPS International School Gurgaon

You don’t just join a job at school as an educator, you join a community with a vision and its culture. DPS International lives by its vision in every sphere of school life. The culture of growth and learning is infectious, and you are challenged each day to upgrade yourself with a better version of yourself. Our lives are centred around our learners and skills and values that we wish to imbibe in our learners are deeply rooted in the hearts of the entire community. I was amazed at the energy in each educator here who constantly provide unconditional support in your journey.  DPS International is an organization where you are free to spread the wings of your dreams, express your ideas, implement them, and grow as an individual in the school, in the IB world and in the global educators’ community.    I joined DPS International as a computer science facilitator and was also given the responsibility of the Microsoft Showcase School project. Ms Rima Singh, our Head of School (HOS), motivated me to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and be an active member of the Microsoft Educators community. This was followed by getting selected amongst the 10 educators in India to participate in Microsoft E2 Summit in Paris in 2019. The trust and support that I received from Ms Seema Kaushal, our Secondary School Principal, and Ms Rima Singh, our HOS, was exceptional when the pandemic struck, and we had to work together to plan and implement a virtual school setup. Along with appreciation, I was also entrusted with the responsibility of the Head of Educational Technology in 2020. The leadership team has been instrumental in further guiding me to become an IB DP Computer Science Examiner and has supported me to evolve in my profession. Be it the school or the time we are in today, that has thrown challenges, I have seen myself growing by overcoming those challenges just because of the safe learning space that is provided by the school.  Schools claim to have open-door policies but the Senior Management team members at DPS International live it every day by being forever ready to listen to our queries, problems, suggestions, ideas, and plans.  I would also like to thank the entire team at DPS International for mentoring me to extend and stretch my capabilities to become a better learner, educator, team player and last but not least a better human being.

Preeti Singhal, Head of Educational Technology

DPS International School Gurgaon

I joined DPSI in 2016 under the leadership team of Head of School, Ms Rima Singh and MYP-DP Principal, Ms Seema Kaushal, both extremely supportive leaders. The school management and my leaders have since then continued to support and encourage me every step of the way.  This was my first experience at teaching the International Baccalaureate. Under the able guidance of my leaders, I have grown into a confident IB teacher and a leader myself. The school invested in my professional development by offering several opportunities to  attend IB workshops- for my subject specific training and several other integral components of the IB curriculum like ATL, TOK etc. These, along with the periodic in-school training sessions, have given me the confidence to guide my students ably. The school also offered students several platforms to engage in giving back to the community as part of the Service as Action programme and each of us teachers tries to inspire our students to engage in individual or group projects. I was offered the additional responsibility of leading this programme as the SA coordinator for the MYP.   In a bid to encourage professional growth, the school management then offered me another more challenging role with greater responsibility and accountability- that of Subject Group leader of the English Department.  Joining DPSI has been one of the best decisions I have made as an educator. I have become more professionally sound and my learning curve has been exponential in the past few years. The work environment at this organization supports continuous learning and the exchange of best practices within the staff is encouraged. As I see the organization go from strength to strength, having been part of its IB authorisation and evaluation process and now the CIS, I hope to keep growing with it. 

Ms Anusha Chauhan, English Subject Group Leader

DPS International School Gurgaon

“Studying at DPSI is more than studying, it is learning." I absolutely adore my school because the methods our teachers use to teach us are innovative and interesting. We have a wide range of subjects and languages to choose from and numerous extracurricular activities. I enjoy the celebrations of special occasions and events as they give us the opportunity to interact, display our knowledge and skills using a variety of mediums. 

Ranveer Gokulgandhi, 5A Student

DPS International School Gurgaon

It’s a big school! Social skills, socio emotional learning and overall development are what we acquire here. The teachers focus on the health of children through Physical Education lessons and cater to interest with art and dance lessons. I like the unit of inquiry lessons where we explore concepts based on our science and social science curriculum. Library classes have a crowned owl reading program that encourages each one to read at least 70 books to win a crowned owl hat. I have won the hat three times. DPSI hosts interactions with different schools to make us understand a new concept in an interesting way and this is what I like the most. I am proud to be an IB learner and glad that I am part of DPS International family. 

Romir Gupta, 4D Student

DPS International School Gurgaon

"Having been part of the DPSI community for about eight years now, I am grateful for the myriad of opportunities the school has given me throughout these years in both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Like Isaac Newton, I stand on the shoulders of giants: my teachers, who’ve nurtured my passions, and my peers, who’ve been nothing but encouraging and supportive. Countless experiences—including international competitions, exchange programs, annual school camps and the student senate—accentuated my development as a global citizen through the IB. All in all, my time at DPSI has molded me into an independent, inquisitive, and open-minded learner in all aspects of life." 

Naisha Dahiya, DP2 Student

DPS International School Gurgaon

As someone who values opportunity, DPSI has offered me more than I could ever ask for. I have gotten not only countless opportunities to grow and learn, but the trust and freedom to make them my own as well. Over the last six years in this school, I have formed unforgettable and irreplaceable memories with the most supportive teachers and the most caring peers. My everyday interactions at DPSI make me feel ready to tackle real-world problems beyond school. The school has played a huge role in shaping my personality and I will carry a piece of it with me everywhere I go.

Simar Bhogal, DP 2 Student

DPS International School Gurgaon

We are delighted with the well-rounded learning and development environment at DPSI. In spite of being online, the teachers have been proactive in making the experience very engaging and interactive – both through the use of various digital tools and through creative structuring of activities. In particular, the transition from PYP to MYP was handled in a smooth manner. There was adequate preparation and orientation done during the last year (especially the final term) of the PYP program. Hence, Krishna found it comfortable as he stepped into MYP. Great care was accorded to guide him through various mechanics of MYP – be it command terms or criteria or assessments or overall expectations. We also appreciate the well-orchestrated sessions held for parents to help us understand the flow of the MYP program – something that has been new to us as well. We feel the continuing support of the teachers, which is very comforting. We are also grateful that the school emphasizes on digital etiquettes and balance of screen time. However, the best part is to see our son grow and develop with the continuous guidance and nurturing brought forward by everyone at DPSI. A big “thank you”!

Mrs. & Dr. Menon, parents of Krishna Menon

DPS International School Gurgaon

We cannot even begin to thank DPSI and it's team for the education and upbringing it has provided to our children.

We moved our children to DPSI a year after it became operational, as we knew Ms Rima and Ms Monisha from a previous school. We needed the school to be closer to our home so that our sons who were pursuing competitive swimming could train twice a day outside of school. Yet we were seeking academic rigor as well.

What we got with the move was a great team plus culture put together by Ms Rima and Ms Seema. DPSI provided our sons with amazing support to pursue swimming, and achieve at all levels of the sport. This was without compromising on academic front, as the school was always willing to make extra effort to help them cover up for absences due to training tenures or competitions. The school also supported their social causes and endeavors.

DPSI recognized their achievements well giving them opportunity to shine, while keeping them humble and imparting them with moral virtues that has helped them.

When the time came for our older son to increase focus on academics during the DP years, the teaching staff went an extra mile to help him realize his ambition of achieving well in the IBDP. Career guidance and support provided by the school was the icing on the cake, with our older son receiving eight offers from leading global universities in his subject of choice.

DPSI culture imbibes all children with such values, and his cohort of achievers from the school may today be spread across leading universities globally, pursuing different programs of study, but they connect, gather together and support each other regardless.

Our younger son is a gifted sports person, and the school has encouraged his efforts to explore and find his passion. Yet keeping a close focus on his development academically.

As parents we cannot ask for more!

Warm Regards

Ishita Kapoor, mother of Kushaagra and Kritansh Kapoor

DPS International School Gurgaon

We would like to thank the DPSI team for the invaluable mentorship and guidance provided to our son Manya Malhotra during his 7 year journey from MYP 2 to DP 2. DPSI has provided a myriad of avenues to learn, explore and grow because of which Manya has been able to comprehend situations in a practical manner. He's also broadened his horizon of learning across an interdisciplinary range thanks to the IB way of learning. Apart from academics, DPSI’s focus on extracurricular development is peerless, adding an extra spark to the student's growth. Overall, we could not have asked for a better academic environment.

Rahul Malhotra, father of Manya Malhotra

DPS International School Gurgaon

Our daughter has been studying at DPSI Edge for 7 years now. We have seen her evolve and blossom into a fine young kid all along.

We were really concerned about her studies when the pandemic arrived. Tentative, as any parent would be. DPSI assured us of putting their best foot forward. They assembled quickly, planned & adapted to modus-operandi in the ‘new normal’ . Being a Microsoft certified school, the school quickly adapted to online classes. Skeptical about the effectiveness of teaching in an online mode, we as parents weren’t sure what was in store. However, DPSI displayed great pro-activeness in organizing robust curriculum and teaching methodology.

Online classes are very well organized. The schedule is populated using MS outlook on MS Teams. Classes are conducted on time. The assignments and other work is posted ahead of time and reviewed in a timely manner. Since the start of the pandemic, the school hasn’t faltered even once. The entire day, week and month is well-structured and the schedule is adhered to. Teachers pay adequate attention to the availability of students, learning ability and ensure inclusion in each and every class. It's amazing to see how diligently the school conducts classes for all subjects, including music, dance, computer education, art, sports and even library.

We have seen teachers’ commitment to ensure high quality and complete learning of each and every student in the class. The degree to which the teachers prepare for the class is simply outstanding. We appreciate all that the teachers and school is doing to ensure learning continues. 

More power to the teachers, other staff and administrative team. We couldn't have been happier and satisfied parents. 

Thank you for all your efforts, Team DPSI!

Parul Taneja, mother of Maalvika Sharma