Literature Festival


DPS International, Gurgaon, held its annual literary extravaganza, Rihanat-e-Kitaab, on January 24th and 25th, 2024. This year's fest, aptly titled "Hush!'s all very sus!", revolved around the thrilling world of mystery and suspense, captivating students through interactive sessions, workshops, and creative activities. The event was meticulously organized by the media and literacy secretaries, Aaradhya Jain and Niral Bhurat, along with the cultural secretaries, Nandini Tyagi and Ridhima Jindal. DP 1 students wholeheartedly volunteered, lending their support to the English department and ensuring the fest's success.

The first day kicked off with an electrifying interaction with a celebrated author Ms Rrashima Swaarup. She conducted a creative writing workshop tailored for MYP 4 and DP 1 students. This session provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with an author, gleaning valuable insights into the creative process and honing their own writing skills. Interactive stations buzzed with activity throughout the day, as students penned suspenseful ransom notes, crafted witty limericks, and even unraveled jumbled words to weave captivating stories, all adhering to the fest's theme.

One of the most captivating highlights of Day 1 was the creation of macabre and realistic crime scenes. With some innovative ideas and props mostly prepared by the students themselves, each section put together gruesome scenes of a variety of crimes, exhibiting their creativity. Students also prepared intricate 3D models inspired by popular crime thrillers. These meticulously crafted models showcased the students' remarkable creativity and attention to detail, offering an immersive experience that blurred the lines between literature and visual arts.

Day 2 continued the literary journey with another author interaction with a children’s book author, Ms Haimanti Mitra. This session was specifically designed for students of MYP 1 and 2, offering them a glimpse into the captivating world of children's literature. Following this insightful session, students took center stage, delivering dramatic renditions of iconic dialogues spoken by infamous villains from the world of literature, films and television series. This segment not only tested their understanding of character dynamics but also highlighted the power of words in building suspense and intrigue.

As the day unfolded, students delved into the realm of creative multimedia projects. They brought literary works to life through captivating book trailers, showcasing their audio-visual storytelling skills. Additionally, they designed intriguing wanted posters and masks, further immersing themselves in the fest's theme of mystery and suspense.

Rihanat-e-Kitaab 2024 not only promoted the love for literature among students but also fostered their creativity and critical thinking skills. The carefully curated sessions, engaging workshops, and diverse creative activities provided a holistic literary experience for the participants. The unique theme, "Hush!'s all very sus!", added a captivating layer to the fest, making it a truly memorable celebration of imagination and the written word.

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