Campus Revisit Fun


The past year has been an eventful one and each one of us embraced lessons on growth and opportunity with mixed feelings. What was thus far treated as normal ceased to be. We learned to deepen connections leaning on those most supportive of us. Our priorities evolved resetting our understanding about what really matters. It validated our belief in our capabilities and how resilient we are in the face of adversity. And as we adults did all this, our children were watching… and learning. If we transitioned to use technology so did our children. “When the moon greets you to a new day at midnight, it is not yet light.” said Shannon L. Alder. Students could not have waited till daybreak to receive education on campus when technology was promising to offer almost school like experience inside their homes.


They did well to navigate the virtual platform for understanding, sharing, reflecting, conversing, and of course learning.  Many early learners who were to walk into the precincts of school in the July of 2020 knew school only as the screen of a laptop. Classmates were reduced to school uniform clad close up shots of peers who had never shared a hug,  not eaten together at snack time or shared the same table to work in partnership for activities. Yet what they shared candidly was a tight bond with names they heard each day when they logged in for lessons. Voice of  their teachers that was music to their ears. While we worried for their physical wellbeing as they seated themselves in front of the screen, they continued to learn and grow.


They had grown enough to understand social distancing, mask, sanitizer, vaccination as new and important words in their vocabulary. At DPS International the Early Years faculty gently decided to float the idea of revisiting the fun in learning- but this time on- campus. So the school planned extensively to ensure all safety norms were revisited. Nu