The Wellness EDGE @DPSI


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” said Jim Rohn, for the key to our future lies in our hands and mind. Wellbeing is a dynamic and fluid continuum influenced by many interconnected dimensions. Development of The Wellness Edge requires cultivation of environmental wellbeing that recognizes our responsibility to protect the earth and promote sustainable lifestyle practices. The intellect needs nourishment too. Critical thinking, stimulation of curiosity, problem solving, and creativity are not confined to the classroom or office, but instead requires lifelong sustainment and cultivation.  Recognition and acceptance of all of our thoughts and feelings instil balance and resilience that support us in nurturing relationships.

We at DPSI invited students from schools across the NCR, Hyderabad and Bangladesh to take part in activities that enabled them to inquire and apply learning in the true context of life. The registrations for the event closed on October 12 while the submissions had to be made by October 20,2020. The results for the event would be declared on November 6, 2020. It allowed them to seek solutions to situations that are commonplace and vie for our attention. The event categories were:

  1. The Flower Power- scent of sensibility

Student from Grade 3 was expected to use only recycled or re-useable paper material to create a 3D flower arrangement. It needed to be pleasing and send out a message to reduce mindless generation of waste.

  1. Ubuntu- I am, because you are

Students from Grade 4 were to use their Information Technology skills to design a digital poster that spoke of caring and sharing to foster emotional wellness. Adobe Spark is a free online tool that was to be used to transform ideas into a visual poster with tools like layout, template, text, shape and image