Session on School Culture and Environment


A session on school culture and environment lead by the Head of School Welfare and Wellness

The objective of the session was to reinforce the values and beliefs of the school culture amongst the staff to strengthen the school systems and procedures. It focused on building a sense of mutual respect, trust, support and care between the school and its teaching staff.

The session was initiated with a fun activity, as an energy booster for all the teachers. Teachers were allowed to drive through guided imagery while they danced as no one was watching. It eased the environment with laughter and smiles and helped in setting the right stage, to begin with the next activity that focused on the school environment and culture.

The activity was designed around the core values and beliefs of the DPSI culture and its environment. (The core values were Fairness, Integrity, Resilience, and Empathy. Other values were Respect, Care, Multiple perspectives, Diversity and Inclusion.). Teachers were asked to split into groups based on the values given and reflect on how they as individuals have witnessed these values being part of the school environment in their day-to-day- work life. They were later allowed to share their experiences, events, systems they observed in school, various initiatives taken by the school to support, trust and respect its staff and students, etc.

It was an overall great experience for all the teachers to share and discuss their perspectives and bring it all together. The new teachers learnt a lot about the school by going beyond reading school policies and procedures and listening to the real-life examples and experiences shared by others. The old teachers on the other side got an opportunity to reflect on their long-term journey with the school and the deep-rooted commitment they’ve had.

Overall, the session helped in strengthening the school's values to build a strong and committed culture and environment.