Inquisitive- A Science Symposium


The United Nations General assembly has declared the year 2022 as The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development . In light of the same, students of MYP 2 to MYP 5 of DPSI organized a one of a kind  event : Science symposium titled “Inquisitive “. It entailed a diverse group of activities like Group discussions, Science Quiz, Investigating research questions etc.  The journey of a scientist, where students explored the lives, discoveries of important scientists, and thereafter reflected on their impact on mankind  through dynamic monologues, poems and  comic strips . CAS 9 Unleashed, where  2 teams  researched , collaborated and presented their arguments to evaluate the implication of various scientific decisions . Scientific investigation: Where students made important and relevant observations , and conducted an investigation to validate and justify their observations using the scientific method.  Group discussion, where students dissected the topics given to them, and examine their intricacies and  finally Sophionaire  where students are challenged with questions on  various/subtopics which fall under the 3 sciences. In all, the students' hard work paid off  to spread awareness and share their knowledge and valuable opinions on the implication of science through various creative expressions .

Credit: Saanvi Suri, MYP 4