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Wellness Gala at DPSI

To mark the World Mental health day, the teachers at  DPSI organised a Wellness Gala for students on October 8, 2021.

The days activities focused on three A’s -art , aesthetics and authorship .

Students participated in a Halloween craft activity wherein they carved pumpkins, cooked gourmet festive recipes, crafted Halloween decor and painted ghoulish faces …. Both online and offline, the results were startling and the camaraderie that was witnessed in the art room was a treat to the eyes.

Dancing was used as a transformative experience to add grace and aesthetics to aerobic exercises.  Students jived during a  music and movement  activity that focused on physical and mental well-being.

The rush of the endorphins after the strenuous activity was followed by a calming and thought provoking book reading session by Bulbul Sharma a renowned children’s author. She regaled students with excerpts of her stories and anecdotes. The Q and A round was a resounding success with both the readers and the author engaging in a lively discussion .

The pandemic has robbed us of the simple pleasures that school life afforded and as we gradually step into the new normal world of masks and sanitizers this Wellness gala served to create a happy return to school experience which will be long cherished.

Campus Revisit Fun

The past year has been an eventful one and each one of us embraced lessons on growth and opportunity with mixed feelings. What was thus far treated as normal ceased to be. We learned to deepen connections leaning on those most supportive of us. Our priorities evolved resetting our understanding about what really matters. It validated our belief in our capabilities and how resilient we are in the face of adversity. And as we adults did all this, our children were watching… and learning. If we transitioned to use technology so did our children. “When the moon greets you to a new day at midnight, it is not yet light.” said Shannon L. Alder. Students could not have waited till daybreak to receive education on campus when technology was promising to offer almost school like experience inside their homes.


They did well to navigate the virtual platform for understanding, sharing, reflecting, conversing, and of course learning.  Many early learners who were to walk into the precincts of school in the July of 2020 knew school only as the screen of a laptop. Classmates were reduced to school uniform clad close up shots of peers who had never shared a hug,  not eaten together at snack time or shared the same table to work in partnership for activities. Yet what they shared candidly was a tight bond with names they heard each day when they logged in for lessons. Voice of  their teachers that was music to their ears. While we worried for their physical wellbeing as they seated themselves in front of the screen, they continued to learn and grow.


They had grown enough to understand social distancing, mask, sanitizer, vaccination as new and important words in their vocabulary. At DPS International the Early Years faculty gently decided to float the idea of revisiting the fun in learning- but this time on- campus. So the school planned extensively to ensure all safety norms were revisited. Nu

Winners of the Microsoft Tech For Good Challenge

DPS International is the Overall Showcase School Winner of the Tech for Good challenge by Microsoft  Its a very proud moment for us.

Wellness EDGE @DPSI

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” said Jim Rohn, for the key to our future lies in our hands and mind. Wellbeing is a dynamic and fluid continuum influenced by many interconnected dimensions. To strike a balance between key aspects needs understanding of what works for us, empathy and ability to action our thoughts. Development of The Wellness Edge requires cultivation of environmental wellbeing that recognizes our responsibility to protect the earth and promote sustainable lifestyle practices. The intellect needs nourishment too. Critical thinking, stimulation of curiosity, problem solving, and creativity are not confined to the classroom or office, but instead requires lifelong sustainment and cultivation.  Recognition and acceptance of all of our thoughts and feelings instil balance and resilience that support us in nurturing relationships.

We at DPSI invited students from schools across the NCR, Hyderabad and Bangladesh to take part in activities that enabled them to inquire and apply learning in the true context of life. The registrations for the event closed on October 12 while the submissions had to be made by October 20,2020. The results for the event would be declared on November 6, 2020. It allowed them to seek solutions to situations that are commonplace and vie for our attention. The event categories were:

  1. The Flower Power- scent of sensibility

Student from Grade 3 was expected to use only recycled or re-useable paper material to create a 3D flower arrangement. It needed to be pleasing and send out a message to reduce mindless generation of waste.

  1. Ubuntu- I am, because you are

Students from Grade 4 were to use their Information Technology skills to design a digital poster that spoke of caring and sharing to foster emotional wellness. Adobe Spark is a free online tool that was to be

Virtual Investiture and Award ceremony Sept 2020

In an attempt to foster the spirit of commitment and build confidence among its student leaders, DPS International, Gurugram organized its 7th annual and its first-ever Virtual Investiture and Award Ceremony for the academic session 2020-21. The excitement was palpable as the grand online event began with students expressing their interpretation of the term ‘Wellness’ which was the theme for this year’s ceremony. Considering the resilience and positive outlook the students of DPSI have displayed during the current pandemic, their feelings were suitably exhibited in a creative collage and musical tributes that extolled the virtues of friendship and living every moment with hope and gratitude. The investiture ceremony is a solemn affair where the school reaffirms its faith in its student-centric approach and offers leadership roles to the elected members of the student council who don the mantle of responsibility. The newly elected members of the School Senate pledge to uphold the values and ethos of the institution and earnestly fulfill the duties assigned to them.  Ms Devyaani Jaipuria, Pro-Vice Chairperson of DPSI, congratulated the newly elected student leaders and encouraged them to strive for excellence by becoming role models despite the challenges they might face given the current situation. Then came the moment of pride as the students stood tall while being conferred with badges and sashes by their parents, followed by the oath of office. Thereafter, in a highly motivating speech, Ms Aditi Misra, the school director, reminded the students to uphold the glory of the positions entrusted upon them and lead the entire student body that elected them, by example. The Head of School, DPSI, Ms Rima Singh, emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s focus, as she congratulated the new student leaders. She stressed how holding on to the leadership vision even in the face of insurmountable obstacles will help the students live up to t

Graduation ceremony for IB DP Batch of 2020

DPSI bid farewell to the students of CLASS 2020 in a virtual Graduation ceremony on July 11,2020.

To make the experience as close to life, the programme began with relaying of heartfelt  wishes  from the pro Vice chairperson Ms Devyani Jaipuria and the Head of School Ms Rima Singh.The secondary school principal read out the citations and parents at home helped the  students don their graduation gowns and caps in this very poignant and emotional part of the ceremony.Resplendent in the graduation finery meritorious  students took a bow as the roll of honour and the certificates of excellence were announced.The yearbook of class of 2020 was released by the School Director Ms Aditi Misra.

Moving Valedictorian speech and message by Aarushi Bhargava and Ojas Shukla and the thanksgiving by parents Mr and Ms Bhargava were appreciated by the audience.

Video montages of childhood snapshots of DP2 graduates, some candid moments  and the moving speech by the DP coordinator brought in a sense of nostalgia.

Virtual yet connected,.far yet so close and loved ...DP2 the first graduating class from DPSI will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The Sustainable Gastronomy Day

A special assembly based on ‘The Sustainable Gastronomy Day’ was hosted for grade learners from grades 3-5 on June18,2020.  The assembly shared the purpose of celebrating World Sustainable Gastronomy Day to recognize gastronomy as a cultural practice relating to the world’s natural as well as cultural diversity. Students prepared a traditional non flame mango mint cooler that is popular during summer months across northern parts of India. Their focus on SDG#2 –Zero Hunger looked at promoting awareness about locally sourced  and seasonal foods.


The Greatest Showman -A Musical Extravaganza at DPS International, Gurgaon

Students of DPS International, Gurgaon celebrated their Annual Day on the October 23, 2019. The spectacular show was based on an adaptation of the 1871 play, ‘The Greatest Showman’ and left the audience filled with wonder and pride. The show, passionately put together by the cast and crew of Grades 4 and 5, stirred the hearts of one and all with its awe inspiring performances and impeccable dance routines.


The show was graced by Ms.Devyani Jaipuria, Pro-Vice Chairperson, DPS International who was accompanied by esteemed guests from the family .


‘Comfort is the enemy of progress’ opined the protagonist, P.T.Barnum in the play and this feeling resonated strongly with the young performers. Students partnered with teachers and peers; while constantly striving for perfection that reinforced attributes of self-management and mindfulness. Exuberance filled the air as stilt artists lined up showcasing their newfound talent along with discreet shadow puppets breathing life into the magical and illusory gully. Meanwhile, on stage, aerial acts along with acrobatics and gymnastics made its way in many hearts.


The attempt to reconfigure the path breaking concept from the nineteenth century circus into a 21st century show by intricately weaving art, music and pertinent life lessons, all into one grand musical performance was met with great success.

Raabta- A Community Connect Carnival

Raabta - Winter Carnival 2019 at DPSI was a celebration of deep bonds and life-long connections that the students are encouraged to form with those closest to them, namely their peers, teachers, parents, grandparents and relatives. This day was dedicated to those who have been the backbone and strength of our students’ families, loving them unconditionally and keeping them grounded to essential family values - their grandparents. The staff and students were encouraged to dress in shades of blue, the colour closely associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, confidence, but more importantly, it evokes a deep sense of nostalgia.


The occasion was graced by Ms Devyani Jaipuria, Pro Vice chairperson DPSI, Ms Aditi Misra- Principal DPS sector 45 and Director DPSI and Col. and Mrs. Sehgal accompanied by Ms Rima Singh, Head of School, DPSI. The guests were greeted with a flash mob dance by the staff of DPSI. The star attraction of the day was the Crazy Hat Competition in which the students had been encouraged to team up with their parents and grandparents and present a creatively designed hat using recycled material. Many enthusiastic pairs walked the ramp with hats that were not just ‘crazy’ but also sent out an important message. From raising awareness on waste plastic that endangers birds to acid rain, pertinent issues were addressed by the contestants who were judged on their creativity and presentation.


Sounds of glee and merriment reverberated through the air all day as grandparents got a chance to win some special prizes under various categories e.g. for having travelled the farthest, for being present with members of 4 generations of their family and for jiving to the music of their choice. There were several stalls selling jewellery, unique custo

Annual Athletic Meet

Sportsmanship, camaraderie and team-spirit were on evident display during the Annual Athletic Meet – 2019 on January 31 at DPS International, Gurgaon. Students from grades 6 to 11 participated in various inter-house track and field events. The air was filled enthusiastic and high-spirited cheering from the onlookers who encouraged their house members to win the coveted top spots and win crucial points for their respective houses.The top spot was occupied by Gandhi house and --,--,-- houses occupied the second third and fourth places respectively.


The chief guest for this event, Ms Rima Singh, Head of School, DPSI, declared the athletic meet open. Other guests included Ms Kamal Shah PYP Principal, Mr Fideles Vaz, Administrator, and Ms Monisha Sujlana, Admissions Head, DPSI.

Gond Art Workshop

A Gond Art Workshop was organised for DPSI students to understand the relevance of traditional art forms in the present century and also explore various ways in which traditional art has changed over centuries. Gond art is a form of painting from folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India – the Gond – who are predominantly from Madhya Pradesh. The work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and culture, and thus story-telling is a strong element of every painting. Traditional Gond artists from Madhya Pradesh have been invited to share the nuances of this art form with students.


DPSI students participated in the Global Round of World Scholar’s Cup held at Melbourne (August 17-24, 2018). 17 of our students participated both in the Junior and Senior categories. The World Scholar's Cup is an international team academic programme. 1047 schools participated from over 120 countries this year in three Global Rounds.The Melbourne Global Round witnessed participation of 1619 students from over 250 schools. 

The students experienced scavenger hunts, keynote speeches, panel discussions, the signature Scholar’s Ball and the competitive and community-building events such as Debate Showcase and the Scholar’s Bowl. The trip to Melbourne also included some sightseeing and visit to the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary where the students met penguins, koalas, and kangaroos.

 DPSI students won accolades for the school and came back home with many medals and trophies. The awards were in the various event categories which included Debate, Team Challenge, Scholar Bowl and Collaborative Writing. Aanya Chowbey was selected as the top debater from India in the Junior Category and participated in Debate Showcase. Rashed Mehraf was one of the top debaters in the Senior Category and was selected as one of the panelist for Debate Showcase. One of our teams stood first in South Asia and eleventh overall. One of our students, Manya Malhotra won medals in all the six subject challenge – 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals.

Nine students have qualified for the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University where they will learn more, debate and build new friendships among fellow scholars from all over the world.