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Vice Chairperson,   Pro-Vice Chairperson,

 Managing Committee   Managing Committee

          Ms. Devyani Jaipuria

        This  year  marks  a  special  milestone

        for DPSI as we complete 5 years.
        I congratulate the entire school
        community of DPS International
        for  their  progress  and  achievements

        since we began in 2014. It is indeed
        heartening to see DPS International
        standing tall with pride and dignity
        after  five  years  of  its  inception.

        The  journey  has  witnessed  many
        success and moments of pride and all
        members of the school community
        have a significant part to play in this evolution.

        My  vision  has  been  to  inspire  students  to  develop
        their  intellect,  creativity  and  character  to  become
        independent, socially responsible and internationally

        minded  citizens.  I  convey  my  best  wishes  to  all
        members of the school community for their collective
        effort  in  achieving  this  vision.  A  special  thanks  to  my

        parents whose unstinted support has helped me dream
        big,  turn my dream  into a  reality.  I  am proud and
        happy to lead DPSI along with its able and competent
        leadership  team.  We  shall  move  ahead  together  to
        scale  great  heights,  discover  new  depths,  overcome

        hurdles and make a difference in the world.

        Through this edition of BEATS, I greet the entire DPSI

        family and extend my wishes for another successful
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