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The Head of School

                                                         Ms. Rima Singh

                                                         A        s the curtain falls on yet another

                                                                  academic  year,  I  reflect  on  not  just
                                                                  that  but  also  the  last  five  years
                                                                  spent as the founding head of DPSI.
                                                         I  believe  that  I  have  had  the  opportunity
                                                         to work with a great set of people be
                                                         it  the  students,  the  staff  or  the  parent
                                                         community. Just as anyone would, I wanted
                                                         everything  to  be  perfect,  but  it  was  not
                                                         and  there were great  challenges, greater
                                                         failures  and  even  greater  successes.  The
                                                         thing that kept me going was the belief
                                                        in the school community’s support and
                              their  commitment  to  the  school’s  vision.  These  challenges,
                              struggles and above all the perseverance to overcome it all are
                              experiences that helped me and all at school grow from strength
                              to strength.

                              At DPSI, we believe in many paths to learning. For us, teaching
                              and learning includes the latest trends in education which include
                              growth mindset, Bloom’s taxonomy, digital literacy, personalized
                              learning, project-based learning, social-emotional learning, game-
                              based learning and so much more. But, most importantly, we
                              have always focussed on developing a set of core values in our
                              whole community which have become the cornerstones of our
                              character. I have had the pleasure of witnessing young students
                              delivering  their  service  projects  not  only  with  confidence,
                              passion  and  commitment,  but  with  a  level  of  diligence  and
                              cultural  sensitivity  which  is  incomparable  to  any  other.  Of
                              course, rigorous learning and wellness has been possible because
                              of the support of an inclusive and collaborative community.
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