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Chairman,                                 Chairman,

 DPS Society        Managing Committee

           Mr. Ravi Vira Gupta

         It  is  heartening to  see that DPSI  has
         completed  five  years  of  its  existence  and
         has  been  on  a  continuous  journey  of
         progress and growth ever since.

         A collective effort by all the stakeholders
         of DPS International is ensuring that all
         students are being nurtured in a caring and
         stimulating  environment.  I  am  sure  that
         DPSI will endow the new generation of
         students with every skill they need to fully
         embrace the possibilities that the future

         I  wish  to  commend  Ms.  Devyani  Jaipuria,  Pro  Vice
         Chairperson,  the school  leadership  team, faculty  and
         administrative staff at DPSI for all their efforts in this regard.

         My best wishes to the members of the editorial team and all
         those who made valuable contributions to make this edition of
         BEATS possible.
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