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                                                         Managing Committee

                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jaipuria

                                                         As DPS International completes 5 years
                                                         we wish it the very best.

                                                         May  the  school  thrive  and  reach  many
                                                         new milestones.

                                                         The  school  has  reached  where  it  has
                                                         with the hard work and dedication of the
                                                         leadership team.

                                                         Director  Aditi  Misra,  Head  of  School
                                                         Rima Singh and principals Seema Kaushal
                                                         and Kamal Shah leave no stone unturned
                                                         to bring the best academic opportunities
                                                         to the students of DPSI.

                                The Admin team headed by Col. Sehgal and Mr. Vaz ensure
                                that the infrastructure requirements of the school are at par
                                with the best schools.

                                Last  but  not  least,  the  young  and  dynamic  Pro  Vice
                                Chairperson , our daughter Devyani has made us proud with
                                her vision and direction.

                                A special word for the support from the DPSS and the
                                Chairman  of  DPSI  Mr.  Ravi  Vira  Gupta.  With  his  vast
                                knowledge of International Boards, he has steered the school
                                in the right direction.  His advise and support have helped the
                                school tremendously.
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