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Message from

                                                                the Editors

                                                                                  A year ago,  handed to
                                                                                  us was the opportunity to
                                                                                  head the BEATS editorial
                                                                                  team, and we have not
                                                                                  regretted a second of it.
                                                                                  Other  than the editing
                                                                                  aspect, it gave us the
                                                                                  chance  to engage with
                                                                                  the school community
                                                                                  and explore the different
                                                                                  spheres of student life.

                                                                                  BEATS  was  published  to
                                                  exhibit the creativity of our students and relive the
                                                  memories made throughout the year. The end of this
                                                  academic year also marks the completion of DPSI’s
                                                  5th  year  as  an  institution.  We are  honoured  to
                                                  present to you the 4th edition of BEATS, which allows
                                                  you to relive the academic year 2018-19 from the
                                                  lens of students. It is designed to interconnect the
                                                  different aspects of our lives, with every page telling
                                                  a new story.

                                                  The sincere efforts put  in by  our  editors, digital
                                                  designer, photographers, students, and  school
                                                  management have played a huge part in making
                                                  this magazine possible. The credit for our wonderful
                                                  cover art this year goes to Sneha Anand of MYP 4.
                                                  We hope that you, the readers, enjoy reading it as
                                                  much as we enjoyed working on it.

                                                  -Deepanshi Matai and Aanya Chowbey
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