Page 10 - BEATS Secondary School
P. 10

Vice Chairperson,

                                                          Managing Committee

                                                          Shri A.H. Jung

                                                         I    congratulate        the     team       at    DPS
                                                         International  involved  in  issuing  another
                                                         edition  of  BEATS.  This  school  magazine  is
                                                         a platform for the students to express and
                                                         showcase their creative ideas and the skills
                                                         acquired by them during their time here.

                                                         I am happy to note that DPSI is providing
                                                         a  wide  range  of  curricular  and  co-
                                                         curricular learning engagements to the
                                                         students  for  their  holistic  development.  It
                                                         is wonderful to see that the school strives
                                                         to promote high standards of achievements
                                                         amongst students and also sensitizes
                                                         them  by  encouraging  active  participation
                                 in  community  service  and  outreach  projects.  I  compliment
                                 the  collective  endeavour  of  Ms.  Devyani  Jaipuria,  Pro-  Vice
                                 Chairperson  DPSI,  Ms.  Rima  Singh,  the  founder  Head  of
                                 School and all staff members

                                 My best wishes to the school fraternity. May they grow from
                                 strength to strength!
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