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Raabta- A community connect carnival


Raabta - Winter Carnival 2019 at DPSI was a celebration of deep bonds and life-long connections that the students are encouraged to form with those closest to them, namely their peers, teachers, parents, grandparents and relatives. This day was dedicated to those who have been the backbone and strength of our students’ families, loving them unconditionally and keeping them grounded to essential family values - their grandparents. The staff and students were encouraged to dress in shades of blue, the colour closely associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, confidence, but more importantly, it evokes a deep sense of nostalgia.

The occasion was graced by Ms Devyani Jaipuria, Pro Vice chairperson DPSI, Ms Aditi Misra- Principal DPS sector 45 and Director DPSI and Col. and Mrs. Sehgal accompanied by Ms Rima Singh, Head of School, DPSI. The guests were greeted with a flash mob dance by the staff of DPSI. The star attraction of the day was the Crazy Hat Competition in which the students had been encouraged to team up with their parents and grandparents and present a creatively designed hat using recycled material. Many enthusiastic pairs walked the ramp with hats that were not just ‘crazy’ but also sent out an important message. From raising awareness on waste plastic that endangers birds to acid rain, pertinent issues were addressed by the contestants who were judged on their creativity and presentation.

Sounds of glee and merriment reverberated through the air all day as grandparents got a chance to win some special prizes under various categories e.g. for having travelled the farthest, for being present with members of 4 generations of their family and for jiving to the music of their choice. There were several stalls selling jewellery, unique custom-made furniture, pickles and scrumptious food while others encouraged direct involvement of the visitors through art and craft activities. Exciting raffle prizes ensured that the happiness hangover stayed with the visitors even after the end of the family day out.