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Art with a Heart

On the 25th and the 26th of September18 students from our school who have opted for Visual Art in MYP 4 and DP went for an event called "Art from the Heart" - on sustainability called - "Climate Jamboree" which was held at the green campus of TERI School of Advanced Studies in Vasant Kunj . In the workshop, our students were guided by experts on developing their creative ideas on the topic of sustainability. It was a very interactive session in which four other schools from Gurgaon took part. Groups were formed and each group came up with an idea on sustainability on which they felt passionate about. It was interesting as the students looked at the topic from a broader perspective and included issues like equity, gender equality and even our present day education system.

All sessions of the workshop were designed in an experiential learning mode which will now lead to students developing concrete installations for the final event at Thyagraj Stadium during November 1 - 3. The plan is to come up with a visual art chapter of the outcome document which will be presented to UN and ministries. The students will be making a presentation and share the making of their projects and illustrate how their artwork would contribute to the goal of the movement on sustainability.

Overall a wonderful Art event which gave great exposure to our Visual Art students and this will lead them to create pieces of artwork with a strong message to instigate a change in society and the world.