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Carnival of Cultures

This year’s Winter Carnival at DPS International sported the theme ‘Carnival of Cultures’, bringing together a vibrant variety of languages, attire, games, music and cuisines from across the globe. The Sunday morning on 26 November, 2017, saw a burst of colours and creativity as a confluence of cultures descended on the grounds of DPS International. The carnival was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Ravi Vira Gupta, Chairman of the Managing Committee of DPSI.  Other esteemed guests included Ms Devyani Jaipuria, DPSI Pro-Vice Chairperson and Ms Aditi Misra, Principal, DPS sector-45. The school student population, which includes a representation from several nations and from just about every region of India, offered valuable contributions towards this grand ‘enterprise’. The infectious enthusiasm did not leave the parent community untouched. They, too, joined in the revelry to participate in the Cultural Parade, a competitive event which showcased the diversity in India as well as in cultures from across the world. The participants not only wore costumes typical to the region/nation they represented, but also offered interesting details to the audience while sashaying down the red carpet to associated popular tunes. Nations as diverse and distant as Egypt and Russia rubbed shoulders with each other at the parade. Games and sports that have a common origin and are played across the globe with minor variations received keen participation and offered the visitors an opportunity to challenge their skills against DPSI students.  Teachers dressed in costumes from different countries, multilingual posters and slogans, gustatory delights and song dedications ranging from Spanish to African compositions turned the school grounds into a microcosm of the world for one bright, sunny Sunday.