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International Visits

In a fast shrinking world, it is imperative that the students and teachers get a chance to visit schools abroad and live with exchange partners there.

At DPS International we encourage exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences. Learners not only get engaged in online exchange of knowledge but are also occupied in collaborative projects through Real Time Tech learning tools. Cross cultural exchange of thoughts and virtual communication at DPS International is just a click away.

National and International student and teacher exchange programmes are offered to students and faculty which foster understanding and acceptance of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.



Students of DPS International, Gurgaon went on their first International trip, to the United States from June 1-June13.Ed terra adventures a leading travel house had put the trip to US east coast trip together for us.

17 excited students accompanied by their Secondary Principal, Ms Seema Kaushal set forth on this trip on June 1.The group was kept busy for 4 days in Orlando with 2 days dedicated to the Kennedy Space Centre. At the Kennedy space centre our inquirers keenly interacted with an astronaut, experienced an adrenalin rush as they took part in space shuttle launch simulation, saw a 4D space shuttle launch film in the IMAX hall, took a bus tour of NASA and saw various space shuttle launching sites. Inspired by the hard work and dedication of astronomers, our IB learners keen on space travel and space study felt motivated to pursue their interest in this field with greater dedication.

Students experienced unadulterated fun on the thrilling rides at the Adventure island in Universal studios, Hulk being everybody’s favourite. Disney’s magic kingdom was a treat to the eyes with its beautiful fireworks, parade of children’s favourite Disney characters and amazing rides. The next stop at Niagara was nothing short of amazing,aboard the Maid of Mist students had a sensorial treat as they absorbed the sights,sound and touch of the fall’s spray.

Boston the next on itinerary was a lesson in history as students were taken on a city tour and saw the ship that carried tea – a reminder of the famous Boston Tea party. The visit to the MIT and Harvard campus was humbling and deeply inspirational.

New York our final stop saw students visit the Liberty island, Times square ,Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller centre and the twin tower memorial site. Atop the One world observatory students saw a bird’s eye view of New York city with its sky scrapers and majestic bridges. All of us shed a silent tear in memory of the people who died in the WTC attack and marveled at the spirit of rejuvenation as we looked at the Survivor tree.

A trip that was a gastronomic and cultural experience saw all students return to their parents as independent, confident individuals who learnt lessons in culture, international mindedness,self management, tolerance and co existence.



DPSI students participated in the Global Round of World Scholar’s Cup held at Melbourne (August 17-24, 2018). 17 of our students participated both in the Junior and Senior categories. The World Scholar's Cup is an international team academic programme. 1047 schools participated from over 120 countries this year in three Global Rounds.The Melbourne Global Round witnessed participation of 1619 students from over 250 schools. 

The students experienced scavenger hunts, keynote speeches, panel discussions, the signature Scholar’s Ball and the competitive and community-building events such as Debate Showcase and the Scholar’s Bowl. The trip to Melbourne also included some sightseeing and visit to the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary where the students met penguins, koalas, and kangaroos.

 DPSI students won accolades for the school and came back home with many medals and trophies. The awards were in the various event categories which included Debate, Team Challenge, Scholar Bowl and Collaborative Writing. Aanya Chowbey was selected as the top debater from India in the Junior Category and participated in Debate Showcase. Rashed Mehraf was one of the top debaters in the Senior Category and was selected as one of the panelist for Debate Showcase. One of our teams stood first in South Asia and eleventh overall. One of our students, Manya Malhotra won medals in all the six subject challenge – 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals.

Nine students have qualified for the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University where they will learn more, debate and build new friendships among fellow scholars from all over the world. 


Tournament of Champions at Yale November 2018

The 2018 Tournament of Champions was scheduled from November 16-21 at Yale University which witnessed congregation of global community of scholars who were selected in the Global Rounds. 7 students from DPS International, Gurgaon participated in the much awaited World Scholar's Cup - Tournament of Champions. In the 2018 Tournament of Champions, scholars from 57 countries participated. Our Junior team comprising of Aanya Chowbey, Nandini Saluja and Simar Bhogal stood third in South Asia and won accolades both in individual and team events. Students also visited the historic Boston and MIT campus and Harvard University. This experience was truly enriching for our future scholars and leaders.


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