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Learning Environment

DPS International has been built in a lush green campus covering 5 acres in the heart of Gurgaon. The green spaces provide adequate place for nature study and free play.

The classrooms at DPS International are large and airy with plenty of natural light. The corridors are wide and child friendly. The entire building is centrally air conditioned.Every care has been taken to ensure that the best is provided for each child entering the DPS International campus.

The school has a state of the art Libraries, Computer Labs, Yoga & Meditation room, Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art Studios, Science & Technology Laboratories and Indoor Sports Facilities which will provide spaces for holistic development.A world class auditorium as part of the school campus allows children to showcase their talents to a larger audience.

The school infrastructure also takes into account the needs of differently abled children by providing safety ramps, lifts thus making their educational journey safe and joyous.

Driven by technology, the infrastructure offers 24x7 connectivity to online knowledge banks through Wi-Fi networks. Technology at DPSI encourages students to combine intellectual talents and practical skills. In particular, students are encouraged to display ingenuity and creativity in devising practical solutions to given tasks.

Smart Building Management Systems ensure that the infrastructure is secure and updated.