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Counselling Services

The Career Counselling Centre at DPSI, Gurgaon focuses on providing students the best post-secondary schooling and career guidance to suit their interests and aptitude. Career & College Advisory is an integral part of IB curriculum, the DPSI college advisory team assist students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their life goals. Ms Naghma Khan is the Head of College Advisory & Higher Studies at DPS International.

A comprehensive counselling programme is available to support and guide a student through the complexities of the admission process to universities both within and outside India. The career counselling team help students develop a better understanding of their skills, abilities, and career interests and how these relate to the workplace.

DPS International runs a holistic programme, Individualized College Advisory Programme (ICAP), which is designed in a graded manner to suit the needs of students from MYP 4 (Grade IX) onwards. ICAP services include but are not limited to:

  • Regular workshops: gearing up for university admissions, subject choice orientation, understanding BridgeU and Family Connection, building portfolios, summer schools orientation, etc.
  • Visits by University Representatives: to ensure that you get authentic and first-hand information
  • Individual counselling sessions with college advisor: one on one sessions will facilitate systematic career planning.
  • Monthly Schedule of events being organised: to help you plan in advance
  • DPSI Annual Career Fair: Will help students to interact with various in country as well as overseas representatives
  • Opportunities for experiential learning: including internships, meeting professionals and experts from different fields, student-led events and volunteering opportunities.
  • Supporting the college application process of a student.

The DPSI career counselling team is supported by a dedicated team of experienced counsellors from University Options. University Options was founded by Kanika Marwaha who has been associated with counselling and career guidance for the past 32 years.

Please find below some of the activities which the team has provided over the last two decades:

  • Established a first of its kind Counselling Centre at Delhi Public School (R.K. Puram) in 1990
  • Set up the Career Counselling Centre at The Shri Ram School, Aravali and Moulsari (Gurgaon) in 2003 and currently training all 7 counsellors at the school
  • Presenting to and guiding other Top Delhi schools to do the same.

Team at University Options:

Kanika Marwaha has worked both in schools as well as with Universities, giving her a perspective of both qualifications required for admission and the criteria universities take into account when they make an admission decision. Working with the University of Warwick as their India Representative for two decades,building the Warwick brand in-country, developing institutional links and alumni groups gives her a unique perspective. She has been guiding students seeking admissions into premier league institutions like Princeton, Stanford, and UPenn in the United States, Oxford, LSE and Warwick in the UK and NTU and SMU in Singapore for the past three decades.

Naumita Chopra has over 18 years of experience working in higher education and independent educational consulting. Most recently she headed the University Guidance Office at The British School, New Delhi for 5 years until June 2015. She handles the University Options Singapore Office and continues to work with students from India and other countries across the world. Over the years, she has reviewed hundreds of college applications, guiding students from initial topic brainstorming to essay and Personal Statement editing. Naumita has visited many school and college campuses to conduct workshops and seminars.

Kabeer Marwaha is an entrepreneur at heart. He has spent time his time being a professional Golfer for six years, well-established Restaurateur for three years and now an Education Consultant for the past five years. He co-founded University Options with Kanika Marwaha. The idea of this organisation is to get technology involved in the education sector to give access and make unbiased information available to all students. Change the way you think about education is his motto. He envisions making the field of education fun and exciting and having people look at it in a different light.


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