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Counselling Services

Counselling Services

The Career Counselling Centre at DPSI, Gurgaon focuses on providing students with the best post-secondary schooling and career guidance to suit their interests and aptitude. Career & College Advisory is an integral part of the IB curriculum, the DPSI college advisory team assists students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their life goals. Ms Naghma Khan is the Head of College Advisory & Higher Studies at DPS International.


A comprehensive counselling programme is available to support and guide a student through the complexities of the admission process to universities both within and outside India. The career counselling team helps students develop a better understanding of their skills, abilities, and career interests and how these will relate to the workplace.


DPS International runs a holistic Individualized College Advisory Programme (ICAP), which is designed in a graded manner to suit the needs of students from MYP 4 (Grade IX) onwards through grades MYP 5, DP1 and DP2 (Grades X, XI and XII).


As a part of our ICAP Mission, we employ diverse methods that are designed to provide a comprehensive college and career counselling experience for our students. These include

  • Counselling sessions with college advisor: Individual sessions to facilitate systematic career planning for students
  • Career Planning workshops: gearing up for university admissions, subject choice orientation, resume writing, building portfolios, summer school programmes. and many more activities designed to provide exposure to various fields.
  • Research Colleges: Identify colleges based on standardized test scores, location, course and finances
  • Parent Support and Family Connection: To keep parents informed in the career exploration journey of their children and help them understand the intricacies of career choices and upcoming jobs in the modern era.
  • Global Platforms for College Counselling: Use of online tools such as BridgeU, CommonApp, UCAS, Coalition and other such platforms to streamline student college applications.
  • Visits by University Representatives: To help students to interact with various in-country as well as overseas representatives
  • Opportunities for experiential learning: internships, meeting professionals and experts from different fields, student-led events and volunteering opportunities.
  • Comprehensive support for College Application Process: Guidance on writing personal essays, create thorough Letters of Recommendation through student self-reported brag sheets and mentorship sessions from International University representatives.
  • DPSI Annual Career Fair: DPSI is proud to have multiple international Universities that participate in our annual Virtual University Fair. The representatives from these universities connect with our students either Individually or in groups to ensure that our students get authentic and first-hand information


The DPSI career counselling team is supported by a dedicated team of experienced counsellors.

NameEmail ID
Ms. Naghma Khan naghma.khan@dpsiedge.edu.in
Ms. Linette Barros linette.barros@dpsiedge.edu.in
Mr. Karthik Hariharan karthik.hariharan@dpsiedge.edu.in

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