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Art Expressions

Art Expressions

Visual Arts provide a platform to respond and create distinctive forms of meaning that provide deep insight into an individual’s interest and understanding. Interpretation, performance, imagination and technique find voice in the artists initiatives. For students, it is work in progress!



KG: DPSI: Art Expose Kindergarten

Grade 1: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 1

Grade 3A: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 3A

Grade 3B: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 3B

Grade 3C: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 3C

Grade 3D: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 3D

Grade 5A and 5D: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 5A and 5D

Grade 5B and 5C: DPSI: Art Expose Grade 5B and 5C

Term 2

Joey A DPSI Art Expose Joey A

Joey B DPSI Art Expose Joey B

Kindergarten A DPSI Art Expose Kindergarten A

Kindergarten B DPSI Art Expose Kindergarten B

Kindergarten C DPSI Art Expose Kindergarten C

Grade 1A Art Expose Grade 1A

Grade 1B Art Expose Grade 1B

Grade 1C Art Expose Grade 1C

Grade 2A DPSI Art Expose 2A

Grade 2B DPSI Art Expose 2B

Grade 2C DPSI Art Expose 2C

Grade 2D DPSI Art Expose 2D

Grade 2E DPSI Art Expose 2E

Grade 3A Art expose 3A

Grade 3B Art expose 3B

Grade 3C Art expose 3C

Grade 3D Art expose- 3D

Grade 4A Art expose 4A

Grade 4B Art expose 4B

Grade 4C Art expose 4C

Grade 4D Art expose 4D

Grade 4E Art expose 4E

Grade 5A Art expose 5A

Grade 5B Art expose 5B

Grade 5C Art expose 5C

Grade 5D Art Expose Grade 5D