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Parent Testimonials

Dear Mr. Ajay Tyagi,
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking such a keen interest in Anhad and coaching him for soccer. It’s due to the sincere efforts of teachers like you that Anhad is making such remarkable progress. Sports is very essential for Anhad to further his motor skills, .... Read More

Preeti Jaijee

Good day,
My son, Ritvik Mehta, joined K.G. A ,on the 15th of April,2019 and has adjusted brilliantly in the school. I would like to express my gratitude for the same.
I would also like to put in a special word of appreciation for Karishma Oberoi Mam.... Read More

Aarti Mehta

Dear Isha Ma'am,
Yesterday's Showcase was OUTSTANDING!! The entire show from the moment we entered the class with the welcome we were given by children to the end was spectacular.
Like you had correctly mentioned, in this journey of Joey/Nursery our kids have clearly grown and matured up. Feels proud to see them so well disciplined yet mischievous in their own fashion... Read More

Girija Khattar

Dear Kamal Ma'am
Hope you are doing well!
I wanted to meet you on the PTM day to give a feedback on my son's Form Tutor Ms. Antara Naik but due to paucity of time, couldn't meet you. My experience with Ms.Naik over the last 8 months has been very positive. Antara is an extremely dedicated teacher and ensured that children were comfortable in the first few months of joining the new session. She is very particular about the journal's and homework... Read More

Shubhika Bajaj